50 Years of Fleetwood Mac

A infographic poster with a timeline of Fleetwood Mac’s 50 year history.

The band Fleetwood Mac turned 50 years old in 2017. To celebrate this, I made an infographic poster to show some of their history between 1967 and 2017.

The main element of the poster is this timeline. I wanted to show how the lineup of the band has changed over the years. Fleetwood Mac has had a total of 15 band members. Its current lineup, comprising Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, has been its most popular and is behind the band’s most successful albums.

I have also included some information about Fleetwood Mac‘s concerts, using data from setlist.fm. Their concerts and tours are included in the timeline, and separate graphs show how many times each of their most popular songs have been played in these concerts and where they took place.

Finally, I wanted to see how each band member and other songwriters had contributed to Fleetwood Mac‘s albums. Christine McVie is the band’s most prolific songwriter, having written or co-written a total of 50 album tracks. She has also written more US Top 40 singles than any of the band’s other songwriters, including Everywhere, Little Lies and Over My Head. Original band member Peter Green, who formed the band but left in 1970, has written the most UK Top 40 singles, including the band’s only UK number one – 1968’s instrumental song Albatross.

I wanted the poster’s title and colour scheme to resemble the band’s most recognisable album, Rumours.

Poster frame mockup from originalmockups.com.