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I’m a plant scientist from north Wales passionate about natural history, science communication and graphic design. On this blog, you’ll find articles I’ve written about things that interest me. You can find some of my graphic design work here, and you’ll find some information about my PhD research here.


The rush to edit the first human genome

Human genome editing – the process of changing a human’s genetic makeup to cure or remove genetic conditions – is an issue fraught with controversy. There are scientific concerns that genetic changes can give unpredictable results, while the ethics of selectively changing human genomes are also problematic. Recent advances in the technologies used for genome …

Rediscovered plant species: Telipogon jucusbambae

What is it? Telipogon jucusbambae, a rediscovered species in the orchid family. Where was it found? It’s endemic to northern and central Peru in South America, where it grows in Andean cloud forests. Local people call the plant ushun. And it’s been rediscovered? Yes. A type specimen was collected in 1965 by researchers from the …


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